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Inktober Day Thirty-One – Trick R Treat!

I’m Happy to say that I’m finally done this sketch challenge with a couple of Trick or treaters!

So in hindsight, I think this went okay, with only about three duds in the lot and several that I really liked. As always, I think I probably put more effort into it than it deserved. but it was rewarding in the end. As always, there are a few images I definitely intend to recycle as finished pictures.

I definitely like the vampire bunny.

Inktober ends with a picture of some possibly sweet trick or treaters.

Inktober Day Thirty – Cauldron Crones

The one downside of these Halloween Sketch Challenges is you start recognizing numerous cliches. This list was chock full of them. So I was not looking for the second to last prompt, Cauldron Crones. First, because the list had about three prompts that could involve witches and second I’d done way too many pictures of witches in front of cauldrons.

This one was okay, but after a while, you can only do so many variations on a theme.Day Thirty of Inktober was Cauldron Crones

Inktober Day Twenty Nine – Sunday Bloody Sunday

Today’s Prompt, Sunday Bloody Sunday, was one that I wasn’t looking forward to. For one thing, I hadn’t the slightest idea what to do with it. I’m pretty sure it was trying to get me to draw a slasher film reference. However, since slasher films are a flavor of pornography I refuse to touch I had to go elsewhere.

I ended up looking up the lyrics of the U2 song the title comes from. The 1972 incident reminded me of  Reg Shoe and the Fresh Start Club from Discworld, which led me to a revenant demonstration.

It came out mostly okay, though I have a sneaking suspicion I unintentionally drew a piece of conservative propaganda.

Inktober day 27 was Sunday Bloody Sunday


Inktober Day Twenty Eight – Ghouls Rush In

I’m never completely sure how to do ghouls. As I mentioned in previous challenges it’s really inconsistent what they are in folklore. I generally go with an unknown nocturnal hominid that fits the same ecological niche as a hyena.

Day Twenty-Eight of Inktober is Ghouls Rush in.

Inktober Day Twenty Seven – Franken Friday

I’m really pleased how today’s prompt, “Franken Friday” turned out. I got an early start on it and the initial sketch flowed really well. If it wasn’t for a comedy of errors regarding the pen I’ve been using for this challenge and having to go replace it I would have finished it about an hour earlier than previous efforts.

At risk of starting one of those clashes of pedants, to me, Frankenstein is the doctor end of story. So when I have to do Frankenstein the doctor has to be there. (Not that I don’t enjoy drawing the creature as well. While there are obviously other great Frankensteins, for me it’s a toss-up between Colin Clive and Peter Cushing. While with Clive’s performance, I keep finding myself wanting to slap his doctor upside the head, I still find myself leaning towards his well-meaning doofus Frankenstein, rather than Cushing’s hubristic villain. In a way, Clive’s Frankenstein is one of the only “good” mad scientists in media.

Despite that I find myself using Cushing’s Frankenstein as a model for my version of Dr. Pretorious. Thanks, to James Whale’s Bride of Frankenstein and to a lesser extent, Cartoon Network’s Mary Shelly’s Frankenhole I’m finding the Doctor as important to the myth of Frankenstein as Igor. In the version I’m imagining right now, Pretorious is Frankenstein’s lab manager who both supports and enables him. He’s far more amoral than his boss, but at the same time, while more grounded lacks Frankenstein’s inspired mad brilliance… I think I’m going to play with this train of thought more.)

Inktober Day Twenty Six – I Know a Sarcophoguy

I was not looking for to today’s prompt, “I know a Sarcophoguy”. Mainly because ever seeing the Mummy’s Hand, I’ve been sick to death of gauze wrapped, shambling revenants. The problem is when you’re doing these quick sketches there’s really no other options. Still, I keep trying to come up with better ways to deal with that limitation.

Day 26 of Inktober is "I know a sarcophoguy"

Inktober Day Twenty Five – Do as I Say Not as I Voodoo

Day Twenty-Five’s prompt, “Do as I say not as I Voodoo, had me scratching my head. For the usual reasons, I was having trouble thinking of ways to do do a voodoo image that said voodoo. The biggest problem is, to the casual observer, the voodoo zombie is indistinguishable from Hollywood zombies, and I’d already done them. I had an idea for a Voodoo Lady conducting a ritual in the swamp, but she would have been too similar to the two witch images on this list.

I eventually went with having two Loa, Baron Samedi, and Maman Brigitte watching zombies walk up a dirt road. I decided to focus on Maman Brigitte because I didn’t trust myself to turn Baron Samedi into a one-man minstrel show by mistake.

Having said that I’m really pleased how this one turned out.

Twenty Five - For Day Twenty Five of Inktober the prompt was Do as I Say Not as I Voodoo

Inktober Day Twenty Four – Aw, Hex!

I really wasn’t sure about today’s prompt, “Aw Hex!”. More than the usual reasons, I mean. The big problem is there appear to be two separate witch themes on this list. (Three if you count the one about Voodoo.) 

Hex can be used as a generic term for witchcraft. However, it’s also a very specific kind of charm anyone can do. Take a look at any Pensylvania Dutch farmhouse, if you don’t believe me.

So I ended up doing a Witch doing a hex in the woods. For some reason, I ended up doing her as a teenage Witchipoo.

For Day twenty four of Inktober we have Aw, Hex!


My Second to Last DUNE page at Cafe Racer – Who Killed Cock Robin

Cafe Racer closed last week and I certainly mourn it’s passing. I’d been expecting it for a long time, having heard about it several months ago. Because of this, I’d been making a point of attending the monthly DUNE events regularly on the concern that everyone would be the last one. It was a longer wait then I expected. For a while, I was beginning to think the owner had found a last-minute backer. All things come to an end though.

For my second to last page for DUNE (until the organizers find a new place for the event to continue at) I was kind of uninspired. So I ended up plagiarizing one of my sketches from my Nursery Rhyme Sketch Challenge, Who Killed Cock Robin.

My Second to Last DUNE page at Cafe Racer was an illustration of Who Killed Cock Robin

Inktober Day Twenty Three – Sewer Settlers

I’m not sure if my version of today’s prompt, “Sewer Settlers” is particularly “halloweeny”. Sure it consists of some creepy sewer critters, but I think, for the most part, they came out kind of cute.

For Day Twenty Two of Inktober, the topic was "Sewer Settlers"