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Game of Thrones – The Wine Seller

In this picture of the Lysene wine seller being confronted by Jorah, I was looking forward to showing the majesty of the Western Market. After all, in the first season, it’s mostly shown as the wall of ruin and I thought I could do better. Unfortunately, since the scene focuses almost entirely on Jorah I was only able to show just a little bit of it behind him. At least I think I made it look crowded.

In this Game of Thrones Illustration, Ser Jorah Mormont confront a wine seller in Vaes Dothrak's Western Market over some suspicious wine.
wpmorse pen and ink

“I have a thirst. Open it, wineseller”.
Game of Thrones – Chapter 54

Coronavirus Humor – Back Alley

The back alley behind my apartment is the thoroughfare for main foot traffic. In fact, since I use the apartment backdoor more than the front it’s almost the front alley. There are a lot of homeless going by along with quite a few… characters.

The way things get deadly quiet after five a clock for the last few days, I almost find the profanities comforting.

I was tempted to make this character’s swearing more accurate, but since I like to keep things pg, I finally decided to leave out the swastika.

The usual suspects having the usual episodes in the back alley is now comforting proof you’re not the only person left in the neighborhood.
humor satire coronavirus self quarantine

Game of Thrones – The Khalasar

Nothing to say about this picture of Khal Drogo bringing his entire Khalasar all the way to Pentos, in a blatant display of power, except it’s great to show the scale and anthropology.

In this game of thrones illustration Khal Drogo brings his Khalasar to pentos to show off his wealth and power.
wpmorse pen and ink

Drogo had called his khalasar to attend him and they had come, forty thousand Dothraki warriors and uncounted numbers of women, children, and slaves. Outside the city walls they camped with their vast herds, raising palaces of woven grass, eating everything in soft, and making the good folk of Pentos more anxious with every passing day. 

Game of Thrones – Chapter 11

Coronavirus Humor

Technically, working out of a home office means I’ve been self quarantining for years. Though as the coronavirus lockdown officially started, and all of the places I can go to for a change of scene has decreased exponentially over the past three weeks, I confess I’ve begun to get just a little stir crazy.

One of the ways I’ve been dealing with this is by writing comics about my current life… as well as things I misunderstand about everybody else’s life. Here’s the first batch of them.

Sorry I haven’t posted these earlier. I’ll post them as I do them from now on.

Try not to touch your face
coronavirus wpmorse comic cartoons humor
Spending time with my pets
wpmorse stir crazy plants comic cartoon coronavirus humor
Learning to take a book to the grocery store cartoon coronavirus humor wpmorse
Confirming I still have a sense of smell cartoon coronavirus humor symptoms wpmorse

Game of Thrones – The Others

I couldn’t finish this series without at least one picture of the Others.

Having said that doing the Others took some thought. Obviously, I didn’t want them to look like the White Walkers in the show. Nor did I want to make them look too much like elves, which I’ve seen way too many times. I tried to make them as inhuman as possible while still being humanoid. I had seen one youtube clip that treated them as high tech aliens. Since their appearance reads like Predator in the Northern Woods, I’m perfectly cool with that.

The other factor is Weymar Royce. I mostly had my previous drawing of him as a reference. There, I did him as the ROTC Lieutenant who gets fragged in the Vietnam film. Here, at his last stand, we can finally respect him. The only problem I had was his armor. One of the hardest parts about taking everything at face value as an illustrator is as you research details you get the feeling that Mr. Martin isn’t quite as good a medievalist as he is a writer. I want to think that when he says ringmail he means chainmail. But because he does use the word chainmail, I’m going to keep drawing ringmail when the text says ringmail until told otherwise.

In today's Game of Thrones illustration, Ser Waymar Royce faces his end bravely in his last stand against the Others.
wpmorse A song of ice and fire pen and ink Night's watch
Ser Waymar met him bravely. “Dance with me then.” He lifted his sword high over his head, defiant. His hands trembled from the weight of it, or perhaps from the cold. Yet in that moment, Will thought, he was a boy no longer, but a man of the Night’s Watch.

Game of Thrones – Prologue

Game of Thrones – Balance

We have a quick moment of whimsy as Ned returns home after a long day of sleuthing only to find Arya practicing her balance.

I’m pretty happy with this one. My only problem with it is I think I made Arya too lanky for her nine years.

In today's Game of Thrones illustration, Ned returns home after a long day of sleuthing only to find Arya practicing her balance.

On the way back to his chambers, he came upon his daughter Arya on the winding steps of the tower of the Hand, windmilling her arms as she struggled to balance on one leg. The rough stone had scuffed her bare feet. Ned stopped and looked at her. “Arya, what are you doing?
Game of Thrones – Chapter 25

Game of Thrones – Kingslayer

I’ve been looking forward to doing this scene since I designed my version of the Iron Throne for this picture here. Jamie, the Kingslayer, Lannister has just killed the Mad King and sat down on the Ironthrone just in time for Ned Stark to show up.

The trick for this picture is to get the perception right. As he tells Brienne in Storm of Swords Jamie sat down because he was exhausted. However, here in Game of Thrones all we have is Ned’s point of view where the same pose looks like one of arrogance and treason.

I spent a bit of time trying to figure out what Jaimie’s Lion Helm would look like but it turned out with the distance, there was no point.

In this Game of Thrones Illustration, Jaimie Lannister sits on the Iron Throne after murdering the mad king Aerys, earning the title Kingslayer.
wpmorse pen and ink

“I cannot answer for the gods, Your Grace … only for what I found when I rode into the throne room that day,” Ned said. “Aerys was dead on the floor, drowned in his own blood. His dragon skulls stared down from the walls. Lannister’s men were everywhere. Jaime wore the white cloak of the Kingsguard over his golden armor. I can see him still. Even his sword was gilded. He was seated on the Iron Throne, high above his knights, wearing a helm fashioned in the shape of a lion’s head. How he glittered!”
Game of Thrones – Chapter 12

Game of Thrones – Mya Stone

For today’s illustration, we have the first appearance of Mya Stone. Who, after Gendry, has the most appearances of Robert Baratheon’s bastards. For all of us who know of Mr. Martin’s tendency to drop hints, I regard this as relevant.

Drawing Mya was a bit of a challenge. The description that she dresses in men’s clothes doesn’t help much when I don’t know how a male groom/mountaineer in the middle ages would dress either. Most of the references I found weren’t of much help either. Every time I cross-reference “leather” and “Middle Ages” I get a whole lot of cosplay outfits which, while really cool looking, are probably not accurate. I ended up doing a variation of a period peasant’s outfit.

The other frustration I had was I had hoped that this picture would be my first establishing shot of the Eyrie. Then I found out it took place at night. You can mostly make out the silhouette, but for the most part, you’ll have to take my word for it, it’s there.

In today's Game of Thrones illustration, Catelyn Stark meets Mya Stone at the Gates of the Moon who shall take her to the Eyrie.
wpmorse a song of ice and fire asoiaf nestor royce the vale

“Mya Stone, if it please you, my lady, the girl said.
Game of Thrones – Chapter 34

Game of Thrones – Samwell

Here we have our first appearance of Samwell Tarly as out of his element as he is anywhere in the series. I was tempted to have Jon and the other boys reacting to him, but the more I thought about it, I thought the portrait was the best way to go. So, no, I didn’t do it because it was easier.

The hardest part was figuring out how Sam was dressed. Mr. Martin uses the word “doublet” and “surcoat” interchangeably, back to back. I found myself wondering; “okay, is Sam wearing his surcoat over his doublet. It was bad enough that I found myself spending more time reading my copy of Albert Racinet’s The Historical Encyclopedia of Costume than I did the source material. I found out that when surcoat didn’t mean the garment 13th-century knights wore over their chainmail it pretty much meant doublet. I finally decided that Mr. Martin meant only one article of clothing. I guessed on what else Sam would be wearing. I went with something that screamed soft, pampered, rich kid.

In today's Game of Thrones illustration, Samwell Tarly arrives at Castle Black. wpmorse a song of ice and fire pen and ink nights watch

“They… they told me I was to come here… for training,” he said to no one in particular. 
Game of Thrones – Chapter 26

Game of Thrones – The Karstarks

The arrival of the Karstarks game a little bit of a headache. The scene is actually taking place in Maester Luwin’s tower with Bran watching in his telescope. So ideally I should have that as a picture. However, I’d already done a picture of the interior of Luwin’s tower, and I couldn’t think of how to show any of what Bran is looking at through the window. Besides, Bran is in his basket at the moment and I wanted to save him some dignity for now.

I was hoping to show the scale of Robb showing the banners but ultimately I thought it was easier just showing the Karstarks. I rather like how Rickard Karstark turned out. He looks driven and obsessive, a potential thorn in Robb’s side even before things go south. (unintentional pun realized just as I typed it.)

In today's Game of Thrones Illustration, Bran watches the latest of the Starks' banners arrive led by Lord Rickhard Karstark.
wpmorse pen and ink winterfell

“How many is it now?” Bran asked Maester Luwin as Lord Karstark and his sons rode through the gates in the outer wall. 
“Twelve thousand men, or near enough as makes no matter. “
Game of Thrones – Chapter 53