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This Month’s DUNE – Caliban

Last month’s DUNE I had a bit of a late start and couldn’t really think of anything for the first hour… Whenever I have this problem I frequently turn to Shakespeare.

This bit from the Tempest (Act 1, Scene 2,) has always been one of my favorites. It. It can be read in several ways and I’ve seen many actors playing Caliban doing it as sarcasm, regret, and anger… the sky is the limit.


This Month’s Dune – The Faun

Just got my art back from the last month’s DUNE over at Cafe Racer. This time I made up a Faun girl raiding a park picnic. I kind of liked this character and spent a little bit of fine tuning her design. (going so far as spending some time at the Woodland Park Zoo’s petting zoo sketching goats)

I think she might be the key to this idea for a side project I’ve been playing with using Green Lake Park as an American version of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. At the moment I’m calling her Patience, mainly because I got the idea to do this re-reading Umberto Eco’s Baudolino with the female satyrs who were followers of Hypatia of Alexandria and were all named Hypatia.

My contribution to this month's Dune feature the misadventures of a little Faun named Patience.

This Month’s Dune – The Elevator

Just got my art back from the last time I participated in DUNE over at Cafe Racer. This one was based on a sketch I did at a workshop Cartoonists Northwest was running. The point of the exercise was brainstorming based on three words chosen at random. I believe the words for this one were elevator, millionaire and rag doll.
A millionaire gets caught having fun with a rag doll in the elevator


Sketches From a Folklife Weekend

Well, It’s that time of year again and I’ve been having a ball with my annual Folklife sketching marathon! (this year with Instagram) I’m not sure If this has been my best year or not, a combination of being late twice in a row due to unforeseen scheduling hiccups and rushing things a bit because I wanted to finish this sketchbook by the end of the day, I don’t think I ever really got into my zone.

So anyway here’s what I have so far, (the good stuff anyway… as I mentioned before half of it was garbage.) I think as always, my favorite stuff where a lot of the little-nonscheduled bands who were playing on the side of the road and the drum circle… as well as something I never thought I’d see, a Japanese Klezmer band (Jinta La Mvda) enjoy!

Another Night at Dune – The Vegetarian Option

Much to my embarrassment, I’m lousy at thinking up ideas in advance for a lot of these drawing groups, so I find myself wasting as much as hour desperately brainstorming when I finally get there. Fortunately, at the last month’s DUNE, one of the organizer’s, David Laskey, presented a suggested theme for the night consisting of comics based on Cafe Racer’s collection of very bad art. Based on this suggestion I chose three paintings. One of dogs playing pool, one of a lobster, and finally one of a girl with pigtails sitting at a table. From there I had an idea for a fiasco at a restaurant where the vegetarian option was the only good one.

For Last night's dune I did a comic page where the vegetarian option was really the only option.

Zoo Sketches With Leo

With Spring finally acting the part and my being farther ahead on my required office work, I decided to treat my Sunday afternoon like a weekend  and go to the Woodland Park Zoo to sketch. I normally don’t expect much out of going to the zoo on a weekend because of the crowds. (and honestly I’m still looking for the perfect sweet spot for quiet times that don’t intefere with actual work time.) This Sunday, for reasons I’m not sure about but I assume it was due to Mothers Day, was especially crowded. Because of this when, I arrived at my favorite spots the animals were either out of their usual spots or too active to draw. Because of this I spent my first hour an a half wandering and beyond a rather cute sketch of a sleeping wallaroo didn’t get anything better than basic “pushups”

I finally did a second loop by the gorilla’s expecting nothing only to find that my second favorite model, Leonel. (sorry Leo, I still think Pete has more gravitas) Sitting in a very nice pose. I got a really good sketch of him before he got up and left. I’m not completely happy with his mouth and he’s got a much better chin than the one I gave him, but otherwise I think this is one of the better ones I’ve done in a while.

A quick sketch from the woodland park zoo of Leonel chilling out

Fairy Tale Sketch Challenge Day Thirty One – The Bremen Town Musicians.

I Finished my April Fairy Tale Sketch Challenge with the Bremen Town Musicians!Technically I finished the sketch challenge yesterday. but here’s the thing. I do these sketches on 8.5 & ll sheets of bristol board and I do two sketches a sheet. Since I was left with one last sheet of bristol board with only one sketch I finished the month of April on May 1st to make a baker’s dozens. (for anyone who points out that there were only thirty days in April, and thus an even number, I had this same problem for my last Inktober sketch challenge and started this challenge on the last page of my last Inktober challenge.) So anyway. here’s the last sketch of my April Challenge, The Bremen Town Musicians.

<a href=””>The Bremen Town Musicians</a> is a fun one. It’s also one of those ones where there’s really only one image to do that will tell us all we need to know about the story. This doesn’t sound like much of a challenge, but then it hit me, why would this seemingly ridiculous scene of the stack of animals scare the robbers? After that, it occurred to me I’d never seen a version of the image that was from the robbers’ point of view.

Having that smashing through my window in the middle of the night, with the right lighting would certainly frighten me.

Fairy Tale Sketch Challenge Day Thirty The Three Little Men in The Wood

For today April Fairy Tale Sketch Challenge I drew the Three Little Men in the Wood by the Brothers Grimm.For the penultimate entry in this month’s sketch challenge The Three Little Men in The Wood from the Brother’s Grimm. Another one of the stories where good girl is rewarded and the bad girl is punished. I freely admit that I took liberties with this one. A lot of versions of this story just have the little men (or similar magical beings) just standing around the fire, alone in the forest. In the story, they have a house. For me the alone in the forest thing was much more dramatic… and I’m the one who’s drawing this thing.

Fairy Tale Sketch Challenge Day Twenty Nine – Hans My Hedgehog

For Day twenty-eight of my April Fairy Tale Challenge, I drew Hans My Hedgehog by the Brother's Grimm!As we reach the home stretch of this thing the magic Tupperware gave me one that I may have been looking forward to on a subconscious level, Hans My Hedgehog.!

For this one, I didn’t really bother with what part of the story I wanted to do for this picture. After all, it’s all about Hans. He’s a hedgehog who rides a rooster and plays the bagpipes! What more do you need? (though in hindsight I might have borrowed a little bit more from memories of Maurice Sendak’s illustration than I think I did.)

Having actually read the story, it’s almost a shame that the second half of it is a by the numbers Beauty and the Beast story. Hans is such a cool character you almost wish the princess turned into a hedgehog and they rode away to Hans’s woodland kingdom to live happily ever after.

Fairy Tale Sketch Challenge Day Twenty Eight – Little Briar Rose

For Day Twenty Eight of my Fairy Tale Sketch Challenge, I drew Little Briar Rose by the Brothers Grimm.Well, today The Magic Tupperware told me to draw Little Briar Rose AKA the Grimm version of Sleeping Beauty (okay I confess, first it told me to do the The Nixie in the Pond and then theThe Spirit in the Glass Bottle… it’s the end of the challenge, I just want to get through with it with no more hassle)

So when I got to doing Sleeping Beauty two things hit me. First, with the Film Noir thing I’d been mostly trying to do throughout this challenge gave it a serious and exploitable Indiana Jones vibe. Second, I found myself wondering why Briar Rose would be sleeping in a bed when the Prince found her. She fell asleep in front of a spinning wheel. Everybody else in the castle fell asleep when she did. The only one who’d be able to move her was the wicked fairy (or the thirteenth wise woman in this case) And she certainly wouldn’t be willing.