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Inktober Day Twenty Two – Ghast Christmas

Personally, I don’t like to mix my holidays but the prompt, “Ghast Christmas” said I had to. For all I know they were going for something like possed presents, from Nightmare before Christmas, when they put this on the list. Either that or some sort of evil version of Santa Claus.

But for me, if you want to mix Halloween with Christmas you have to go with the best Christmas boogieman, Krampus.

For Day Twenty Two of Inktober the prompt was Ghast


Inktober Day Twenty One – Cadaverous Cowboys

I had mixed feelings about today’s prompt, “Cadaverous Cowboys”. On one hand, I had a really good idea. On the other hand, I can barely draw a decent horse when I cheat and trace.

Other than that concern I think it came out okay. The basic idea for it was a cross between “Ghost Riders in the Sky and the “Blind Dead“.

Day Twenty One of Inktober is Cadaverous Cowboys

Inktober Day Twenty – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Friday

I’m kind of satisfied with today’s prompt “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Friday” but otherwise meh.

I confess I wasn’t looking forward to doing this one. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is hard to spell out in one drawing. (personally, the only image I could think of was Hyde walking down the street looking for whores and booze like he does in the novel. Unfortunately, if I did that all the viewer would see would be a Victorian, slightly bestial, thug. No, if you want to do Jekyll and Hyde you either have to do something with either the transformation or the duality.

To make matters worse I got a bit of a late start and most of my blue pencils which made the initial sketch sloppy.

Still… I guess it’s kind of okay.

Day twenty of Inktober is "Dr Jekyll and Mr Friday"

Inktober Day Nineteen – Nightmare Nomads

Today’s Prompt, Nightmare Nomads, had me puzzled. For the longest time, all I could think of was pastoral steppe nomadic horseback cultures, which would be too similar to what I had planned for day twenty one, Cadaverous Cowboys. In the end, I went with the nomadic culture best connected with Halloween, Gypsies.

Now, at risk of sounding overly politically correct, I get really tired of the racist “Gypsies are evil” stereotypes lazy writers fall back on. So I really tried to keep fantasy gypsies separate from the very real Romani.

Having said that, I think this is one of the weaker sketches of the batch. I rushed the rough sketch a little too much and couldn’t find my dark blue pencil to tighten it up before inking… Let’s just say had to touch it up a LOT in post. I think I salvaged it though.

 Meta description preview:Day Eighteen of Inktober features a gypsy troop in "Nightmare Nomads".

Inktober Day Eighteen – Crypt Creeps

I’ve been unsure about the 18th prompt, “Crypt Creeps”, since day three of this challenge, “Tombsday“. The reason being I realized after the fact that I probably got the words “tomb” and “crypt” mixed up. I realized after the fact that my image of for Tombsday was probably more appropriate for Crypt Creeps. Pedantic of me, I know but since one of the challenges in these things is being true to the instructions you’re given… no matter how vague they are.

So this one, featuring a vampire, is probably more Tombsday than Crypt Creeps. One because of the aforementioned pedantry, and two there’s only one of her… more pedantry.

Day Eighteen of Inktober is Crypt Creeps.

Inktober Day Seventeen – Toadsday

I had really mixed feelings about today’s prompt, “Toadsday”. Even before I did the giant frog in “Swamp Citizens‘ all my options seemed silly. It took me forever to get jokes about the Hypnotoad out of my system. The best I could think of was something vaguely Lovecraftian.

I reluctantly ran with it.

Day Seventeen of Inktober is Toadsday!

Inktober Day Sixteen – Carnival Carnage

Well, I just hit the halfway point and am feeling good. Today’s prompt, Carnival Carnage was a bit of a puzzler for me. All I could think of was thinking about it was Mr. Dark from Ray Bradbury’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. Beyond that, I didn’t have any idea how to make the carnival scary…. Beyond giving it a creepy vibe.

Mr. Dark is a bit of a challenge for me too. While Jonathan Price was great in the film, it was a little hard to be afraid of him since he looked way too much like my favorite high school teacher, Mr. DeCecco.  But since none of you knew him, I’m going to go with it.

For Day sixteen of Inktober, I drew an image based on Carnival Carnage.

Inktober Day Fifteen – Cornfield Capers

Today’s prompt “Cornfield Capers” only yielded two things in my mind, Children of the Corn and Corn Mazes. Since the only image I could think of for Children of the Corn was people crucified in the middle of fields, I went with the maze.

I think a lot of the prompts have been making lean towards the whimsical here. But my other idea was having something nasty sneaking up on the couple… And I think there’s a fine line between horror and victim porn.

In hindsight, I should have added some crows.

Day Fifteen of Inktober is "Cornfield Capers"


Inktober Day Fourteen – Owl Be Back

After groaning at the pun, “Owl Be Back”. (A stinker even by this list’s standards… For some reason, I had remembered it as “Owls Well That Ends Well”.) I was a little bit stumped. While an owl is a great thing to draw, I wanted something spooky. The problem is as a long time nature lover and occasional bird watcher, I’m not particularly afraid of Owls. (Beyond not wanting to be anywhere near their nests when they’re raising their young, of course.) In fact, I think they’re pretty cool.

Most of the Halloween or horror imagery I see of them usually has them somewhere in the background, almost as a decoration. Finally, I based my image on two Shakespeare quotes.

First from Macbeth: It was the owl that shriek’d, the fatal bellman,

And Second from A Midsummer Night’s Dream:“The clamorous owl, that nightly hoots and wonders
At out quaint spirits.”

So putting these two lines together I had an Owl looking over ghosts in a church graveyard.

Today's Inktober Picture is "Owl Be Back"

Inktober Day Thirteen – Friday The Thirteenth

When I saw that Friday the Thirteenth the first thing I could think of was, “anything but freaking Jason!” Of course, I really couldn’t think of anything else, so this was a time-consuming challenge.

Ultimately I decided to go with superstitions such as black cats, ladders, and mirrors. I still I had two false starts in the process, and the one downside of blue pencils is they’re hard to erase.

I’m mostly okay with this one, though it might be the weakest of the batch so far. Regrettably, it feels more comical than halloweeny.

For Day Thirteen of Inktober we have Friday the Thirteenth.