My Second to Last DUNE page at Cafe Racer – Who Killed Cock Robin

Cafe Racer closed last week and I certainly mourn it’s passing. I’d been expecting it for a long time, having heard about it several months ago. Because of this, I’d been making a point of attending the monthly DUNE events regularly on the concern that everyone would be the last one. It was a longer wait then I expected. For a while, I was beginning┬áto think the owner had found a last-minute backer. All things come to an end though.

For my second to last page for DUNE (until the organizers find a new place for the event to continue at) I was kind of uninspired. So I ended up plagiarizing one of my sketches from my Nursery Rhyme Sketch Challenge, Who Killed Cock Robin.

My Second to Last DUNE page at Cafe Racer was an illustration of Who Killed Cock Robin

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