Inktober Day Twenty – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Friday

I’m kind of satisfied with today’s prompt “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Friday” but otherwise meh.

I confess I wasn’t looking forward to doing this one. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is hard to spell out in one drawing. (personally, the only image I could think of was Hyde walking down the street looking for whores and booze like he does in the novel. Unfortunately, if I did that all the viewer would see would be a Victorian, slightly bestial, thug. No, if you want to do Jekyll and Hyde you either have to do something with either the¬†transformation or the duality.

To make matters worse I got a bit of a late start and most of my blue pencils which made the initial sketch sloppy.

Still… I guess it’s kind of okay.

Day twenty of Inktober is "Dr Jekyll and Mr Friday"

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