Inktober Day Eighteen – Crypt Creeps

I’ve been unsure about the 18th prompt, “Crypt Creeps”, since day three of this challenge, “Tombsday“. The reason being I realized after the fact that I probably got the words “tomb” and “crypt” mixed up. I realized after the fact that my image of for Tombsday was probably more appropriate for Crypt Creeps. Pedantic of me, I know but since one of the challenges in these things is being true to the instructions you’re given… no matter how vague they are.

So this one, featuring a vampire, is probably more Tombsday than Crypt Creeps. One because of the aforementioned pedantry, and two there’s only one of her… more pedantry.

Day Eighteen of Inktober is Crypt Creeps.

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