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This Month’s Dune – The Faun

Just got my art back from the last month’s¬†DUNE over at Cafe Racer. This time I made up a Faun girl raiding a park picnic. I kind of liked this character and spent a little bit of fine tuning her design. (going so far as spending some time at the Woodland Park Zoo’s petting zoo sketching goats)

I think she might be the key to this idea for a side project I’ve been playing with using Green Lake Park as an American version of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. At the moment I’m calling her Patience, mainly because I got the idea to do this re-reading Umberto Eco’s Baudolino with the female satyrs who were followers of Hypatia of Alexandria¬†and were all named Hypatia.

My contribution to this month's Dune feature the misadventures of a little Faun named Patience.