Zoo Sketches With Leo

With Spring finally acting the part and my being farther ahead on my required office work, I decided to treat my Sunday afternoon like a weekend ¬†and go to the Woodland Park Zoo to sketch. I normally don’t expect much out of going to the zoo on a weekend because of the crowds. (and honestly I’m still looking for the perfect sweet spot for quiet times that don’t intefere with actual work time.) This Sunday, for reasons I’m not sure about but I assume it was due to Mothers Day, was especially crowded. Because of this when, I arrived at my favorite spots the animals were either out of their usual spots or too active to draw. Because of this I spent my first hour an a half wandering and beyond a rather cute sketch of a sleeping wallaroo didn’t get anything better than basic “pushups”

I finally did a second loop by the gorilla’s expecting nothing only to find that my second favorite model, Leonel. (sorry Leo, I still think Pete has more gravitas) Sitting in a very nice pose. I got a really good sketch of him before he got up and left. I’m not completely happy with his mouth and he’s got a much better chin than the one I gave him, but otherwise I think this is one of the better ones I’ve done in a while.

A quick sketch from the woodland park zoo of Leonel chilling out

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