Sketching at the Emerald City Comiccon

Well this weekend the Emerald City ComicCon was in Downtown Settle this weekend starting the convention season for me. Which leads to one of my favorite drawing exercises, sketching cosplayers. Having been pretty much priced out of most of the larger cons for the last couple of years my current strategy is to hang out in the lobby and the city park directly behind the convention center and people watch and sketch to my heart’s content.

I haven’t had as much luck with Emerald City as I’ve had with some of the other cons. It’s crowded, and the really good cosplayers (the ones with the most elaborate/borderline pro costumes) rarely hang out In the outside areas I’ve mentioned and to make matters worse this was a pretty cool and rainy weekend so hanging out in the park was mostly out of the question.

To make matters worse I ruined my first day when I opened my backpack after I arrived and discovered the sketchbook I’d packed was one from my archives, so there was no room in it to draw. I was able to do a little bit in my smaller thumbnail sketchbook but pen and ink really isn’t good for drawing moving targets (at least not for me) 

Sunday went mostly okay and I made up for lost time with three pages (I’ve done better, but I really wasn’t in my zone quite as I’d like) Wpmorse Sketching cosplay Wpmorse Sketching cosplay Wpmorse Sketching cosplay

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